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Thomas W. Gustin is an independent consultant and the founder of GUSTECH, a creative engineering firm concentrating primarily on a full spectrum of board and system-level product design services. He has been in the electronics industry since 1976, mostly designing I/O products, from large aircraft cockpit simulators to many custom, miniature, ruggedized data acquisition systems (two of which are patented). He has also successfully launched two separate I/O mezzanine board product families using chiefly VHDL design, various analog interface circuits, and many large PLD's and FPGA's for highly integrated digital design implementations.

He has designed many different kinds of 'standard and proprietary' network interface cards including work on an ASIC design, and many different kinds of products for almost every 'open' and many 'private' computer and I/O buses. He has published and presented many technical articles, been invited to author a book, has developed and presented several technical mini-courses, and mentors university engineering students, primarily in system design techniques, VHDL design, and Altera's MAXPLUS+II design tools.