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This seminar provides a comprehensive summary of the current development of iSCSI (SCSI protocol over TCP/IP). All the pieces of an iSCSI system are clearly summarized, including what it takes to integrate iSCSI components into a working system. We also look at the trend of the current iSCSI documents.

Course Outline

Design Considerations - Overview
iSCSI - Overview
SCSI & iSCSI Concepts
iSCSI Concepts & Functional Overview
iSCSI PDU Formats
SCSI Command & Response
SCSI Task Management Command & Response
SCSI Data iSCSI Error Handling & Recovery
Format, Digest, Sequence, & Protocol Errors
Connection Failure & Session Errors
Recovery Levels
Security Considerations
Naming & Discovery - Overview
Naming Requirements
iSCSI Name
iSCSI Discovery
Configuring Target Information

Storage Name Server (SNS) - Overview
Login Control & Discovery Domains
Query and Registration Services
State Change Notification
iSNS - Overview
iSNS Architectural & Functional Components
iSNS & Domain Name System (DNS)
iSNS Implementation Requirements
Attribute Descriptions for iSCSI Storage Systems
Required Commands & Response Messages
iSNS Message Protocol
iSNSP Message Descriptions
Security Considerations


Who Should Attend
This seminar is targeted towards developers, integrators, managers, marketing personnel, technical writers and others with a need for an understanding of storage area networks as implemented using iSCSI technology.
Prerequisites: An understanding of current computer interfaces or networks is useful, but not absolutely necessary.
Course Length: 2 days Download course description (printable version)