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Gary Warden is the founder of SRB Consulting, Inc., a training and design firm specializing in Fibre Channel. SRB Consulting does contract hardware and software development for Fibre Channel vendors as well as simulation of Fibre Channel products. Gary developed a detailed Foresight simulation model of the loop port initialization state machine for the Fibre Channel Association (FCA) to be used as an independent verification of the FC-AL-2 modifications for loop port initialization. He is a principle member of the NCITS T11 committee for Fibre Channel. He is also a principle member of the NCITS T11.3, and T11.4 working groups where he is currently the secretary for the FC-AE (Fibre Channel Avionics Environment) special interest group.

Gary was an Engineering Department Head developing business plans, project goals, development specifications, and management responsibilities for the development of a family of Fibre Channel products including Fibre Channel adapter cards for 5 different host busses and a switching hub. He has over 22 years experience in high-performance workstation clustering, avionics support systems, crew training systems, and R&D simulation, as well as commercial real-time network product development. Gary is the co-inventor of SCRAMNet, a successful real-time network protocol used extensively in the DoD real-time communities. Gary has developed many simulation models of Fibre Channel protocols and specific vendors, products including a detailed model of the Arbitrated Loop Port State Machine, disk drives, switches, and hubs using the Foresight modeling language. These models have been used by several commercial and DoD companies to evaluate Fibre Channel performance.


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