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Bill Ham is the manager of the Storage Bus Technical Office (SBTO) in Compaq (formerly Digital Equipment) and owner of Ham, Incorporated.

The SBTO group represents Compaq at most of the important standards bodies that are involved with the transmission of storage data: SCSI, Fibre Channel, STA, and SFF The group was responsible for introducing FAST 20 to ANSI in 1993 and hot plugging to SCSI in 1992. He led the Ultra-2 SCSI LVD technical development activity, is secretary to all T11 activities for Fibre Channel physical issues including the copper working group, optical working group, T11.2 task group and chairs the SFF SSWG on connectors and high performance interconnect testing methods.

Bill has a PhD in electrical engineering from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and has been active in a variety of technologies since 1970: silicon chip technology, printed circuit board technology, multichip module technology and storage bus technology. Bill is the past technical editor of the SSA physical standard, co-editor of the new SPI-2 SCSI standard, editor of the Enhanced Parallel Interface ANSI project for SCSI, editor of the SFF documents dealing with high speed connectors, editor of the Fibre Channel jitter and signal quality document and the 50km optical link standard. He also leads the speed negotiation task group for FC. This combination of experience is a good match to the challenges of the SCSI and SAN physical interfaces.