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This seminar is designed to provide a comprehensive summary of the InfiniBand architecture. The course takes the student through the plethora of documentation and simplifies all aspects of InfiniBand. The course will investigate the application aspects of InfiniBand and how to construct an InfiniBand based System Area Network. You will learn the required basics to fully understand InfiniBand and some of the topics covered can be seen below.

Course Outline

InfiniBand Architectural Overview
Topologies and Components
Processor Nodes
Queue Pairs
Classes of operations
Communications Stack
Channel Adapters
Management Components
IBA Features
Channel and Memory Semantics
IBA Layered Architecture
IBA Transaction Flow IBA Management Infrastructure
Management Interfaces
General Service Interface
I/O operation
Data packet format
Physical Layer Interface
Link Layer
Packet Receiver States
Data Packet Check/ Link Packer Check
Virtual Lane Mechanisms
Local Route Header
Flow Control
Network Layer
Transport Layer
Application Layer


Who Should Attend
This seminar is targeted towards developers, integrators, managers, marketing personnel, technical writers and others with a need for an understanding of system area networks as implemented using InfiniBand technology.
Prerequisites: An understanding of current computer interfaces or networks is useful, but not absolutely necessary.
Course Length: 2 days Download course description (printable version)