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This course is intended to educate the student on Fibre Channel's protocol and hardware and its relationship to the Storage Area Network (SAN). This course will take the student from the lowest possible depths of the Fibre Channel hardware, to the transport layers of the architecture, up to and including the construction of a real SAN with real Fibre Channel hardware. You will learn details about the Fibre Channel architecture and how to analyze both loop and switch initialization sequences and protocols using real Fibre Channel analyzers. You will learn how to troubleshoot SAN designs, including FCP SCSI, large loop designs with multi-clients and shared storage, and switched networks containing both Fibre Channel and Ethernet hardware. This course mainly concentrates on the Fibre Channel aspects of the SAN and how to design, troubleshoot, analyze, and integrate the Fibre Channel hardware of the SAN.

Course Outline (click for details)

  • Introduction, Concepts & Terminology
  • FC-0: Physical Interface
  • FC-1: Data Link Control
  • FC-2: Transport Protocol
  • FC-3 Fibre Channel Services
  • FC-4: Protocol Mappings
  • Topology Overview


Who Should Attend
This seminar is focused on those responsible for designing, developing, deploying, or maintaining Fibre Channel products. Upon completion of this workshop, you will have an in-depth understanding of the details of how Fibre Channel integrates into the SAN.
Prerequisites: An understanding of current computer interfaces or networks is desirable, although not necessary.
Course Length: Approximately 4½ days with up to 16 hours hands-on lab. Download course description (printable version)